I’ve been stalling on this but need to get some form of community rules out with the added growth from the Reddit shutdown. These will likely be tweaked a bit going forward but this is a start.

  1. Be respectful of everyone’s opinions. If you disagree with something, don’t resort to inflammatory comments.

  2. No abusive language/imagery. Just expanding on #1.

  3. No racism or discrimination of any kind.

  4. No advertising.

  5. Don’t upload NSFW content directly to the instance, use some third party image host and link to that in your posts/comments.

  6. Mark any NSFW/erotic/sensitive/etc posts with the NSFW tag. Any local posts violating this rule are subject to removal (but you can repost correctly if this happens).

  7. Hold the admins/mods accountable. If we start making changes that you disagree with, please feel free to post a thread or DM us to discuss! We want this instance to be a good home for everyone and welcome feedback and discussion.

NSFW Content Policy

As stated above, please upload any NSFW images to an external site and link them. All NSFW content must be properly tagged, and cannot contain material illegal in the United States.

Additional rules around NSFW content may be added in the future, if necessary. We would prefer everyone use common sense with their posts so we don’t have to crack down on this category.

Defederation Policy

Many large instances have started to defederate “problem” instances. We want to avoid doing that unless an instance is causing illegal content to get indexed directly onto our server.

If we encounter the need to block some other Lemmy server, we will engage the community here before taking action.

Bot Policy

Bots are currently allowed on this instance, but we reserve the right to add restrictions if they start getting abused. You’re more than welcome to use moderation bots for any communities you run or moderate, and content import/mirroring bots are okay. If you have a bot that is actively creating new posts/comments here, please make sure to use some reasonable rate limits.

Bots are subject to all instance rules.

  • @jonOPMA
    21 year ago

    Good idea, just moved them over