I am looking for a nice ebook reader app for android but it’s proving to be quite difficult. Every app I stumble open misses at least a few things I want. So here is a list of things I want:

-Material You UI

-Custom themes

-Font selection

-Dictionary or translator integration

-Page view (NO scrolling through the book)

A few things that could be nice but not necessary:

-I use Foliate on desktop so a way to sync with that

-Make white parts of the black and white pictures same color as the backgroud.

I think that’s all. I searched a lot but to no avail. Hopefully this community helps me and others. Thank you guys in advance.

  • @sabreW4K3
    5 months ago

    The first requirement is where they tend to fall down.

    That said, the defacto standard is Moon+ Reader. That said, I use Legado for my epub consumption needs.

    • @myfavouritename@beehaw.org
      45 months ago

      Gonna jump in to agree that Moon+ Reader seems to be the most commonly used. And for good reason: it’s very customizable and it does a great job presenting text in an easy to consume way.

      OP, I’m sure you’ve already tried it, but consider giving it another go. You can make it do nearly all the things on your list.